Code Enforcement

About Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of Chapter 20 of the  Township's Property Maintenance Regulations. One of the primary goals is to improve and maintain Quality of Life for the residents and visitors of the Township by insuring the Property Maintenance Regulations are enforced. 

Common Code Violations

  • Deterioration and condition of structures
  • Inoperable or unregistered vehicles
  • Overgrown grass, weeds over 6 inches
  • Signs on public property in Right-of-ways
  • Trash, debris and rubbish on property

Registration of Abandoned or Vacant Properties

Any Residential property that becomes Abandoned or Vacant is required to be registered with the Township pursuant to Ordinance § 11-2.3. A Creditor shall within 30 calendar days after the building becomes vacant and abandoned or within 30 calendar days after assuming ownership of the vacant and abandoned property, whichever is later; or within 10 calendar days of receipt of notice from the Township, and annually thereafter, file a registration statement. Click here to file a Registration of Abandoned or Vacant Property

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