Drug & Alcohol Alliance

Drug & Alcohol Alliance 

Drug and Alcohol Alliance members are appointed by the Holmdel Township Committee, and serve terms of 1 year. The alliance was established to meet the need for comprehensive, coordinated substance abuse planning and programming. The alliance conducts a needs assessment, and produces an annual prevention plan, which provides education, prevention and drug free alternatives for the Holmdel Community and the Holmdel School District.

We continue to raise funds through donations, fundraisers, and apply for grants in support of programs which teach a "no use" message, and to advocate for enhanced prevention services, based on community needs and priorities.

Victim Rights 

The State of New Jersey recognizes the special needs of those brutalized by crime. Providing specific monetary compensation and other critical services, to victims of crimes. Eligible victims include those who sustained personal injuries, surviving spouse, parent / guardian, child, or other relative dependent for support upon a victim of a crime who died as a direct result of such crime or a person injured while trying to prevent a crime or while assisting a police officer in making an arrest. Call 800-572-0804 for more information.

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