Certificate of Code Compliance for Sale/Lease/Rental

What is a Certificate of Code Compliance?

Simply stated, a Certificate of Code Compliance (sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Continued Occupancy) is issued as a result of an inspection for the continuation of the Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Construction Official indicating that as a result of a general inspection of the visible parts of the building, none of the following have been found:

  • No work has been performed without construction permits
  • No unsafe structure exists
  • No violation of applicable codes have been found
  • The existing use of the building has not unlawfully existed
  • No violations of the approved site plan

Certificate Requirements

  • No person, agency, corporation, partnership, firm, company, owner, real estate agent, broker or any other individual shall rent, lease, sell, occupy, transfer title of any dwelling, dwelling unit, commercial building or space, or property without first obtaining a Certificate of Code Compliance from the Department of Community Development
  • A real estate agent licensee who is involved in the sale of any property must obtain or ensure that the seller obtains a Certificate of Code Compliance from the Department of Community Development prior to the sale, transfer of ownership or occupancy
  • It is unlawful for any seller of any property or real estate licensee involved in a sale of any property to knowingly transfer or assist in the transfer of ownership in violation of this  Chapter 20 of Holmdel's Housing Ordinance.

Residential Properties

All Residential Properties that are rented or leased to a tenant must receive a Certificate of Code Compliance prior to the tenants occupying the space. Click here file for a Residential Certificate of Code Compliance online

Click here on how to prepare for your inspection. While this is not a checklist, it does assist the applicant in preparing for the inspection by listing some of the general items observed during an inspection.

Commercial Properties

All Commercial premises, shopping centers, multifamily dwellings and buildings within the Township of Holmdel must comply with Chapter 20 of Holmdel's Housing Ordinance

Any new business or Change of Use and/or tenancy shall require a Zoning Commencement of Use Approval and a Certificate of Code Compliance prior to business operations.

New Businesses

Visit our Business Registration Web Page to learn more about registering a Business.