Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey


Every extended hand helps to hold the hand of another

Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey (CVCJ) is an interfaith non-profit organization dedicated to providing free assistance to the elderly, disabled, veterans and those who care for them. Our goal is to help enable individuals to live their lives independently with dignity and joy. Twenty-nine years ago, CVCJ began as a “faith in action” program and has since grown into a volunteer provider organization that serves both Monmouth and Ocean County through selfless work that comes from the heart. Most of our volunteers come from one of the 80+ and growing local congregations of all faiths that make up our coalition. Some come from adult communities and others we have met while doing educational presentations throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Our volunteers fulfill our mission of engaging in a community-based solution to help seniors continue to live their lives to the fullest. CVCJ’s free services allow those over the age of 60 who no longer drive to continue to remain independent and stay connected in their own community.

Over 1200 dedicated volunteers give their time and their support filling over 30,000 hours of free service each year. Volunteer hours are flexible and are based on the individual’s availability. One can Volunteer as much or as little as they like. Our Volunteers are often quoted as saying, “ They get more than they give.”

Our Free services

Medical Transportation: Trained and insured volunteers provide one-on-one transportation to many types of medical appointments (Physician P/T, Lab Work, ect)

Food Shopping: Bi-monthly grocery shopping can be done in person or online for store delivery. CVCJ also works with local food pantries and Fulfill to make sure that the homebound aging population have access to nutritious food, regardless of income.

Weekly in-person visit and phone calls: To provide friendly support and to ease social isolation and loneliness to those without family support.

Respite: Caregiver relief to ease the burden and improve the quality of life for the primary family caregivers.

Caregiver Canines: A tail wagging joy through an in-home pet therapy program that joins furry friends with dog lovers.

Veteran to Veteran: Veteran volunteers are matched with Veteran recipients to make meaningful connections through all of our services.

Connect thru Music: An intergenerational music therapy program designed for people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

CVCJ works from a place of compassion and these programs are a community-based solution to help seniors age in place. Through the use of volunteers, these services become part of a support system that bridges the gap to social connections and eases the burden of social isolation faced by many seniors.

Thousands of aging individuals have remained active, healthy and engaged in their communities over the years because of CVCJ. Our dedicated volunteers not only give selflessly of their time and talents, but also serve as advocates for seniors by identifying needs and recognizing concerns. Our vast network of partners helps us to further bridge the gap in services that are outside the scope of our program. Our relationships with these partners benefit our clients by providing connectivity between services and a streamlined referral system.

CVCJ is a solution that relies on its volunteers and financial support of Federal, State, and County grants as well as corporate and private donations. Please consider supporting us by volunteering or attending one of our Fundraising events.

Do you need our help?

1. Contact our office at 732-505-2273 to determine your eligibility.

2. Complete an in-person assessment with a thoroughly screened assessor to ensure appropriate services.

3. Once registered, you can call our office to begin your supportive services. 


1. Sign up for a virtual or in-person Volunteer Orientation at

2. Fill out a Volunteer Registration Form online and attend a virtual or in-person orientation.

3. Get matched with a senior in your community who needs your help! Hours are flexible and are based on your availability.

“Every extended hand helps to hold the hand of another”. 

To learn more about CVCJ, to volunteer, or to determine your eligibility, please go to our website: or call Dena at 732-505-2273 ext. 203